One God, One Faith, One Baptism

Mission Statement
Our purpose is to unify the people of the world in the name of Jesus Christ. It is our aim to make all people brothers and sisters through baptism into the one true faith in the one true God.
The One True Faith
  • God is ONE in all respects - ONE person, ONE being, ONE essence, ONE existence, ONE will, ONE thought, ONE influence, ONE action.
  • Although He has many names (Adonai, Yahweh, Vishnu, Wakan Tanka, El Shaddai, Allah, Jehovah, Lord God, Elohim, the Great Spirit, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, etc.), Jesus Christ is WHO He is.
  • The purpose of life is to have good and fulfilling relationships with Jesus Christ and with other people.
  • The Commandments of God - The Ten Commandments, The Two Great Commandments, and the entire Word of God - have complete authority and are a guide for happiness, peace, and eternal life. God's Word is not simply an explanation of reality - it is the definition of reality.
  • God has always been present in His creation, giving it life, guiding it gently, inspiring goodness, and lifting the minds of people to understand His love and wisdom.
  • God Himself descended and was born of the virgin Mary - taking on a mortal body and mind that He made Divine by combat with the spirits of hell and continuous victory over them every moment of His life on earth - culminating in the most challenging temptation of them all, His passion on the cross, death, and final victory in resurrection.
  • Jesus Christ rose from the dead fully human and fully divine - the one divine human God - the Lord God Jesus Christ - completely united with His soul, "The Father," and now active throughout creation as "The Holy Spirit".
  • Saving Faith is to believe in Jesus Christ as your only God and to live according to your best understanding of His commands for your life by keeping your conscience clear.
  • God's grace is immediate. He immediately forgives every sin we commit and is always ready to give us the insight and strength to start over again.
  • God's mercy requires our participation. God is always ready to make us new creatures because He loves us. However, we can prevent Him from making us happy by choosing against Him.
  • Every human being on earth has the means available to them for salvation because God created all people to live forever in heaven and He guarantees every human life that possibility. However, our quality of life now and forever is limited by our knowledge. Misunderstanding God's nature, God's purposes, or God's commands always leads away from happiness, prosperity, and peace.
  • Salvation is the product of developing a love for other people and for God.
  • Salvation cannot be earned. It is the free gift of God because He loves you. However, salvation can be prevented if we choose not to love others like God loves us.
  • True Christianity is not the only way to heaven, but it is the most accurate understanding of reality and so it provides for the greatest happiness, peace, success, and fulfillment both in our present life and in our life as it continues after death to eternity.
  • Jesus Christ has a vision of a church that is ONE in His name, according to His will. And so, at His own time, He returned to earth, appearing in 1745 to Emanuel Swedenborg and commissioning him as the final revelator of His Word. Between 1745 and 1770, at the command of Jesus Christ and according to His teaching, Emanuel Swedenborg published many books, providing God's explanations of His life on earth, the proper understanding of the Divine Trinity, the nature of Heaven and Hell, how to interpret the text of the Bible and the eternal messages contained in the Old and New Testaments, and, in short, everything that He had promised to provide at His first advent but that the human race had not yet been ready for. This second advent fulfilled all the Bible prophecies of the end times. And the words which Jesus revealed at His second coming provide the foundation for a re-unification of all people, of all doctrinal beliefs, in His Holy name.
  • If the human race will honestly pursue a knowledge of Jesus Christ in His authoritative Word, then we will be ONE CHURCH and ONE PEOPLE just like our God is ONE in Jesus Christ.
How You Can Help
  • Pray this prayer:
    Lord Jesus Christ, I repent of my sins; I ask you into my heart, my mind, and my life; I make you my God and Savior.
    We believe that if you pray this prayer you have started a lasting relationship with God. Find a community of believers near you and get into a pattern of regular worship, praise, and study, and if you haven't yet been baptized into the family of God, find a Christian pastor to baptize you with water in the name of the Lord God Jesus Christ, the one God of Heaven and earth, in whom is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as Soul, Body, and Operation.
  • Find your ministry - God created all people with unique gifts and talents for service. Find a community of believers near you and get involved in serving other people with what you do best in the name of Jesus. There is room in God's kingdom for every human being He creates and there is a need for every talent He bestows.
  • Read and Pray - God guarantees all people the opportunity to meet Him in His written Word. Spend time daily in prayer and meditation on His truth and find a community of believers to study with on a regular basis.
  • Spread the Word - Take every opportunity to tell others about the life change that is possible when you commit your life to Jesus Christ and to accomplishing His purposes in the world.
  • Love like Jesus does - There is no such thing as a solitary Christian. Make sure that you join with others in the work and the joy of building Christ's kingdom here on earth. It is our fellowship as believers that invites the presence of Jesus into this world and into the lives of those we reach out to in His name.
  • Check out Pastor Steve's Blog - Second Advent Christian.
  • Support the ministry of through your contributions. Your financial support makes this ministry possible. Every contribution is used to expand our web presence, pay for programming and marketing work, and develop new gospel materials to spread the good news that Jesus Christ is the only God. Thanks for your support.
Study the Word of God
Tell Us Your Story
At we love to hear stories of life change resulting from your walk with Jesus Christ. If you have a story, it would be great to hear from you! Please email Pastor Steve Simons at and tell us your story.
A Closing Thought
There have been many people throughout history and alive in the world today who have taken the name of "Christian," some of whom have been real believers, some of whom have remained sinners. Some people have even murdered, stolen, committed adultery, and broken all of God's commandments in all different ways, all in the name of "Christianity." This was not and is not God's will. Jesus Christ was born so that we could get to know God not just as our master and creator but as our friend. Jesus Christ transitioned the Christian church through the "end times" between 1757 and 1770 so that true Christianity could have a chance at survival here on earth. Ever since that time the human race has been growing, developing, learning from mistakes, and evolving in its understanding of reality. We have not yet built the full kingdom of the Lord God Jesus Christ here on earth, but by His work all things are possible. Let us not let yesterday define today. Let us be willing to look at our beliefs and our lifestyles honestly. Let us be willing to awaken our conscience by the Word of God and pursue eternal peace. Let us be willing to accept that God created all people for heaven and He created all people unique. Let us rejoice where our differences empower us and explore where our differences divide us, always in pursuit of God's purposes, always mindful of God's words on the matter, always ready to follow wherever God shows us to go. Jesus Christ has all power - there is no problem too big, no issue too complicated, no challenge too difficult for our God. In His name we are called to be more than conquerors; we are called to be angels, children of God, created by design for unity in His Holy Name. Oneness not of organization or institution, but of faith and life, love and belief in the name of the one and only God, Jesus Christ.
As Jesus Said...

I am the good shepherd; I know my own sheep, and they know me, just as my Father knows me and I know the Father. And I lay down my life for the sheep. I have other sheep, too, that are not in this sheepfold. I must bring them also, and they will listen to my voice;

and there will be one flock with one shepherd.

John 10:14-16


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